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I believe that a single poster is flooding this category (and other categories) with useless posts as follows:


The problem is always identified with minimum details.

The description of the hardware is always extensive.

The offending poster is usually listed as a newbie with just one post.


I firmly believe that one individual is responsible for this repetetive action because the layout of the redundant posts are always the same. Now, from my experience in other forums, no two posters ever follow the same posting format so perfectly (eg, minimum problem details and very specific hardware details). In fact, sometimes the extensive hardware information isn't even relevant; however, the needed detailed description of the problem is always missing!


With that said, I am hoping admin has the capability to review subscriptions by IP address because (I believe) someone is doing this maliciously. Here's hoping you find the offending IP address and block it from accessing this forum. Then, maybe some legitimate posts can be answered.



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Hi xilolee,


I still believe they are (mostly) bogus posts for the following reasons:


1. They ALL provide minimum information.

2. They ALL follow the same format of (unnecessarily) detailing their hardware (even if the problem is not related).

3. They NEVER provide any information about their specific issue (they all can't be that lazy; can they?).

4. They are MOSTLY first-time posters (too much coincidence with 1, 2 and 3 above).

5. They RARELY respond to your (or anyone else's) detailed recommendations.

6. The timing between these types of posts is uncanny. Once they start, it is like a new one is generated every few minutes, and they stop completely (for a period of time).


FYI, I haven't seen one poster indicate he/she is a Wise PC First-Aid User in their opening statement today.


In summary, I see how hard you (and others) work to try and assist with these bogus issues and it irks me that one person would attempt to ruin this forum. With that said, I will refrain from posting any issues but my own because there is no way that any post I've seen today is legitimate (maybe with 1 or 2 exceptions). However, my advice to you (and other assisters) is to keep your initial responses short until you are sure the OPs concern is legitimate (ie, need more information, etc). The OP should be doing most of the detailing because it is his/her issue! Good luck.



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1) You should know that people is lazy/misinformed
2) I think the hardware details are taken from the program (W.PC1stAid). Unfortunately, it can't get more details like: complete informations about the error, when it happens and when it started to happen, what tries have been made to resolve it, what programs have been installed recently, what they think ( :D) and so on.
3) See 1
4) That's quite normal, given the nature of the program (W.PC1stAid)
5) Yes, this is very annoying :angry:

I think the majority of users installs the program, sends the problem, then uninstalls the program or doesn't know that there was an answer (or worst, it doesn't care).
6) I didn't understand this point

FYI, I haven't seen one poster indicate he/she is a Wise PC First-Aid User in their opening statement today.

They don't say that because they write from it, so for them it is normal to not write it.


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Hi again xilolee,


I wasn't aware they were using Wise PC 1stAid to submit their problems directly from that program so I guess I owe you and this forum a big apology.


I applaud you and others for trying to assist others when they do not even try to help themselves by explaining their issue properly. This will be my last post. Goodbye and good luck.




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