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Does JetSearch cannot found folder by keywords?


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Thanks for your reply.


But my test results is not feasible. I'm looking for some file folders containing keywords, rather than some files. You can create a folder that contains special characters, and then use JetSearch search these special characters, see if you can find this folder.


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Download and test the version that you specify , the problem still exists.
I changed to another computer test , the results is same.


OS: Windows XP SP3 with VB/VC+ Support / IE8 / Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0~3.5 SP1

Language: Simplified Chinese

Anti-virus software: Avira Free Antivirus 2013








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It is a strange problem.



Can you help us to fix it? We need to test it on your computer by remote connection. Can you?

If you wish to help us to fix it, please let me know your contact details. One of our chinese Tech partner will contact you. He will do some tests in your computer by remoting connection.
Thank you very much!

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