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This software is not portable, as claimed and is unsuitable for use on a USB stick. 


On PC1 I launched WFH, and hid some files/folders that were sited on the USB stick on which WFH was placed. When I removed the USB stick and tried to retrieve those folders on PC2, there was no record of them. The only way I could retrieve the folders and files again was to load the stick back onto PC1. It is obvious that WFH had recoreded a record of the hidden USB files on PC1 and not on the USB stick where WFH was sited, or where the files where located.

You should make this limitation clearer.


Great little software otherwise.


Kind regards



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Hi Martyn,


Please understand that files hidden in Win XP cannot be retrieved the exactly same way as in other operating systems.

You may need extra tools to retrieve your files when you have hidden them in Win XP but want to unhide in other operating systems.

Meanwhile, Vista, Win 7&8 share the same path.
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Dear Wisecleaner support,


I had a problem just yesterday...

I had a folder hidden and an other file.

I as always clicked open to the folder in WFH then the other file...

Then after a while I moved the file into the folder and exited WFH.

Then after another while and when I opened WFH again it was empty as if I hadn't anything hidden and checked the place of the folder but found nothing.

The first conclusion I had was that I hadn't made the file unhidden so it was still hidden and then it canceled the folder's hiding...

But this contradicts with the fact that when I move a hidden file it disappears from WFH's menu so what happened ?

These files are very important to me and I can't just do nothing.

I've tried to solve this myself but couldn't...

when I uninstalled WFH thinking that this would reveal all hidden files nothing changed.

I want to know how to get my files back or want to know how or where does WFH hide these files.

I want you to know that I've tried to unhide all of the windows's files but of no use...(Using windows 7 BTW)

So main question is... How can I unhide a WFH hidden folder forcibly or break through it or just get it back to the menu...

Thank you for your time.

But Please reply soon I don't even know if you realy do reply or not.

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you know the name of files?

you can use everything http://www.voidtools.com/

just type the name of files ..& if there are even hidden it will appear.


If files are in use you can not hide them.

I think that when you try to hidden files you are used drag & drop to hide them

... maybe you move them in another place.


 I do not know if I was helpful..

but I think that was happened.

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I have tried the program and it found some of my files that are hidden by WFH now not the missing files...

BUT it has found something suspicious, a folder, but it doesn't get opened because it tells that windowss cannot

find G:\....\0000\hidefolder\....

The zeros "0000" are similar to what is written to me ,they are small rectangles....

a very strange path but in the end didnt help much I didn't retrieve anything BUT THANK YOU FOR YOUR REPLY !!!

Oh right, I haven't moved an open item : I was about to shut down the PC and the last remaining unclosed program

was WFH even the folders were closed...

so I discovered the problem when I opened WFH again later...

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