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  1. I have tried the program and it found some of my files that are hidden by WFH now not the missing files... BUT it has found something suspicious, a folder, but it doesn't get opened because it tells that windowss cannot find G:\....\0000\hidefolder\.... The zeros "0000" are similar to what is written to me ,they are small rectangles.... a very strange path but in the end didnt help much I didn't retrieve anything BUT THANK YOU FOR YOUR REPLY !!! Oh right, I haven't moved an open item : I was about to shut down the PC and the last remaining unclosed program was WFH even the folders were c
  2. Dear Wisecleaner support, I had a problem just yesterday... I had a folder hidden and an other file. I as always clicked open to the folder in WFH then the other file... Then after a while I moved the file into the folder and exited WFH. Then after another while and when I opened WFH again it was empty as if I hadn't anything hidden and checked the place of the folder but found nothing. The first conclusion I had was that I hadn't made the file unhidden so it was still hidden and then it canceled the folder's hiding... But this contradicts with the fact that when I move a hidden file
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