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Hi muawiya! :)

Have you installed some new programs these (past) days?

Ramblings - start



Sometimes programs could legitimately install advertising software together with themselves, with the consent of the user, but the user often does not realize that he has given its consent (because a hurry ).
If this is your case, you may find the uninstaller of the advertising software in the control panel, programs and features , and use it.

Other times this advertising software is legitimately installed together with the program and you can not remove it without losing functionality.
In this case, you may try to use wise uninstaller program to remove the unwanted program, but the result is not guaranteed.

Finally, in the worst case, some programs install the so-called spyware, adware or real viruses/trojans.
In this case, the only truly fast and effective solution (an hour or two) is to refresh the system (without loss of data) or to reinstall/reset the system (with data loss, so in this case you should first do a backup).

Otherwise you can try to delete the unwanted program with the tools created for this purpose (antivirus, antispyware, antimalware).
Often, however, these various scans exceed the two hours that it would take you to refresh/reset your O.S (windows 8 has got these two new options, I don't know if your windows 7 ultimate has got them... Or the manufacturer of your PC could have installed something similar to them).

It may be worth to use any of these programs, however: adwcleaner, superantispyware and malwarebytes are the most popular and easy to use.



Ramblings - end

1) Scan your PC with your antivirus.

2) Download adwcleaner portable (click), superantispyware portable (click) and malwarebytes antimalware (click).

Scan them with your antivirus.

Use them.

Looking forward for your kind feedback!

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