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Ruby Installer

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I would like to know what has to with Ruby Installer, i use Geniune Kaskersky Internet Security, when ever I scan my Computer; it is saying VOLUNERABLE and I tried to remove Ruby instaler from my computer but even then it is always saying, Virus Threat level 1.


Then I tried to re-instal ruby instaler for my Windows 7 operating system.


But untill today, i have this problem in my computer. Please Help me solve this problem.


Is it very sensitive case? or what?


What is this Ruby Instaler? without this can my computer run? or not run?

Thanking and waiting for your kind SOLUTION.



-------------Ruby Interpreter (CUI) ( i 386-mswin32-------------


kespersky said like above mentioned.


And today it says, Google Chrome has accepted Ruby instaler as a result all my privacy is explored to third party it seems. it is clearly saying but I dont know how to solve. Please help me.








Operating system:Windows 7 Ultimate (32 bit) Service Pack 1

System root: C:\Windows

Available physical memory: 3067 MB

CPU: Intel® Pentium® Dual CPU T3400 @ 2.16GHz

Drive Info:

C: 150.72 GB

F: 147.27 GB

Internet Explorer: 10.0

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Ruby is a programming Language.

If you are not programming anything with it, you could safely remove and uninstall it.


More informations

Official ruby homepage should be https://www.ruby-lang.org/en/

http://rubyinstaller.org/ should be the official homepage for downloading the ruby installer for Windows versions.

The following is a direct link for 1.8.7-p374 version taken from it: http://dl.bintray.com/oneclick/rubyinstaller/rubyinstaller-1.8.7-p374.exe?direct

Notice that there is a newer version of ruby: 2.0.0-p247


See you! :)


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