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Disable System Restore Point Auto Creation

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Hello all,


Since I do not use System Restore points, is there any way to disable WDC from automatically creating one before attempting file removals under certain conditions. I always go back in and disable System Restore and delete the newly created restore point but it seems like an option should be made available for those of us that rely more on a System Image restoral to fix our issues. A great product BTW!





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Hello admin,


OK, yes I noticed that it was a conditional and automatic function; however, even though I would prefer to have an option to disable it, I can certainly understand you concern for the general safety of all users, so I can accept that logic and just continue to disable it after a slimming function. Thank you for your explanation and you have a great product line BTW! 



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I have a free Wise disk cleaner 7 (Russian vers. 7.99.570), I use wind7 professional SP1. I tried to use Slimming system (Очистка системы), system response: Не удалось создать точку восстановления. Сообщение об ошибке 2130706175. (Restore point can't be created. Error 2130706175). I haven't found the solution for this error and would be really thankful if help me sending easy instructions. 

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Hi Liznamany,

Please check two points:

1, Right click My Computer----Properties----System Protection-----click C:----Configure, check your settings.

    Then check disk space of C, whether it has enough space.


2, Open Control Panel---System and Security----Administrative Tools---Services, find out Volume Shadow Copy service and make sure its status is Started.


3, If those cannot solve your problem, please show us a thumbnail of the error message (Restore point can't be created. Error 2130706175)

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