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Wise Care 365 don't start with Windows 8.1 RTM


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Hi, I have a problem since I have Windows 8.1 RTM (previously no problem with Windows 8).



I have Wise Care 365 2.83 Build 225, and the setting Launch at Windows startup is checked, but Wise Care 365 don't launch automaticaly.


I try several Windows 8.1 RTM install, and always the same problem. Wise Care 365 don't launch at startup.


For information I have uncheck the option to know the speed of pc starting.


Thanks for your help.

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The starting problem is very strange, I try several Windows 8.1 installations (fresh install), and sometime Wise Care 365 start automaticaly in systray and sometime no.


All my install are identical, no changes, but in few Windows 8.1 install Wise Care 365 start correctly.


It's a very strange problem.


I have problem only with Wise Care 365, all my software start correctly in systray.

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We have did some tests in Win8.1 RTM Enterprise edition, there is no problem.

Wise care 365 can start up with Windows and wise boot booster can start up with Windows too.

please check updates for Win8.1.


Updates for Win8.1 ? I don't think it's this problem.



I have all updates, I will try to reinstall completely Windows 8.1 Pro (Fresh install), and just after install I will install Wise Cleaner 365, to understand if its a softwares/drivers conflict with Wise Cleaner 365.


I have no problem on my notebook with also Win 8.1 RTM.

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