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Advice Needed on Optimizing System Performance with Wise Care 365


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Hi everyone,ūüę°

 I have recently started using Wise Care 365 to improve the performance of my Windows 10 PC, and while I have noticed some improvements, I believe there's more I can do to optimize my system. I need some few guide in these specific areas: 

  1. I want to know about the Custom Cleanup Settings because I want to make sure I'm not deleting any important files or settings during the cleanup process. So can you recommended custom cleanup settings to balance performance boost and safety?
  2.  I've heard mixed opinions about cleaning the registry. How often should I perform a registry cleanup, and are there any risks involved that I should be aware of?
  3.  How reliable is the real-time protection feature in Wise Care 365? Should I rely on it solely, or would it be better to use it alongside another antivirus program?
  4.  Are there any best practices or tips you could share for getting the most out of Wise Care 365? I'm particularly interested in any lesser-known features that could help improve my system's performance.

I appreciate any advice or experiences you can share. Thanks in advance.ūüėÄ

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Dear user, 

Thank you for your email. 

1. Regarding the Custom Checkup Settings, you can right-click the items in the right list, hit the Default option so that it will only check recommended items. Then, click the Save button. Thus, you will not delete important files or settings during the cleanup process. 


2. Registry Cleaner can help you scan and clean invalid registry entries in the computer system, such as invalid ActiveX and COM components, invalid file extension information, missing shared dynamic-link library, useless or invalid uninstallation information, etc. You can clean registries with Wise Care 365 regularly. 

Wise Care 365 can automatically back up registry entries that are about to be deleted. You can view the registry records that have been backed up in Menu -> Restore -> Registry Restore.

3. Wise Protection, mainly to protect the key position of the registry, prevent applications from maliciously modifying the homepage settings of the IE browser, prevent applications from maliciously adding to system startup items, and prevent applications from maliciously modifying the default browser. It would be better to use it alongside another antivirus program. 

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