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WiseMemoryOptimizer has a file handle resource leak with non closed process handles

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I am using WMOSetup_4.2.1.124.exe (previously WMOSetup_4.1.9.122.exe) installed on Win 7 Ultimate SP1 with all patches applied.

After running WMOSetup_4.1.9.122.exe for a week, my browser was failing to open new tabs. I checked Task Manager and found WiseMemoryOptimizer.exe had over 300,000 open file handles showing under task manager. I checked using Sys Internals ProcessExplorer.exe, and could see that the large number of open file handles were unclosed process handles for non existent processes, example:

<Non-existent Process>(20396)

If I forcibly close one of these handles in Process Explorer, I see the file handle count for WiseMemoryOptimizer.exe drop by 1, so it looks like WiseMemoryOptimizer.exe is not properly closing handles for stopped processes.

I can still see the handle count increasing for the same reason with the latest version too (WMOSetup_4.2.1.124.exe).



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Thanks for the quick response. Observations with this test version:

  • Fewer handles used from startup onwards
  • Stable file handle count (no longer growing)
  • Tested for about 10 hours (which would always show significant file handle increases with previous versions)

Thanks very much :)

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