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Wise Folder Hider - folders listed

manuel 88

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I tried Wise Folder Hider and hid some folders and files.  In fact they are no longer visible in Windows.

But with "Everything" a search files program,  the hidden files are listed. They cannot be opened but a stranger sees that there are hidden files and can read the file header.

How to completely hide files?

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Dear user,

Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Let me explain it. A file is saved as 2 parts on the disk: directory info (which is comprised of the file name, timestamp, size info, etc., and stored in the MFT) and data content. Windows Explorer reads the MFT and shows the file's regular info (name, size, etc.).
Wise Folder Hider hides a file and tells Windows Explorer not to display this file's regular info, therefore you can not see this file in Explorer.
However, a data recovery tool like Everything directly reads the MFT and data content, not using Windows File Explorer.
This is why the Everything and other data recovery tools can find files that are hidden by Wise Folder Hider.
Please try the Encryption feature of Wise Folder Hider. It may meet your requirements.

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