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Wise Care 365 Crashing all the time now


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Wise care 365 has been crashing the last month (just downloaded 6.6.1). If I run either PC Checkup and or System Tuneup, it stops with a error box where I can close, continue, or send an error report. I have sent the error report numerous time, and I waited for a new version (6.6.1, which I installed and still a problem). I have Windows 10. Like all current computers, I've installed updates from Microsoft, Dell, AMD and a number of smaller programs during this time period, but have no interest in removing them one by one to see if that fixes the problems (I actually have a life). It was running just fine up until about a month ago, running the PC Tuneup about once a week for 6 months or so. Is there anything that doesn't take hours and hours (or days) to try, or do I just wipe all traces of the program off my computer and buy from another company?


BTW, Wise duplicate and Wise memory optimizer run just fine.

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