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Defrag unreliable and showing false data


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Client has a relative new 2 TB HDD Seagate ST2000DM008-2FR102, partitioned split down the middle into 2 1TB partitions D and E:
The drive is error-free and reported back as 100%
Client said that defragmentation report and percentages are different in WiseCare 365 v6.5.3.625 then in others i.e. O & O defrag.
Partition D defrags quickly whereas partition E: is extremely slow even if defragmentation percentage is much lower then that of partition D.

tested and verified.

Example (see screenshots as well) : both drives are reported would 0.00 fragmentation.
Attempting a defragmentation of drive D (smart optimize) completes within a few seconds and reports status as defragmented.
Attempting a defragmentation of drive E (smart optimize) drags along with the optimizing status only at 1.25% after 5 minutes. Drive defragmentation takes several hours.

the drive


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Different programs calculate the fragmentation rate differently, so the displayed percentage will be different.

First, our smart optimization has three actions, analyzing the disk fragmentation rate, defragmenting the disk, and optimizing disk storage (rearranging all files, fragmented or not, to concatenate storage areas to free up disk space.).

Therefore, Smart Optimization takes longer than defragmentation.

Second, Disk defragmentation has several hidden properties, for example, it will not defragment files larger than 100MB, nor will it defragment some special types of files (temp, tmp, zip, rar, etc.).

Therefore, even if the two partitions have the same capacity and the free space is basically the same, because the stored files are different, the time to defragment the disk will be different.

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