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WiseDuplicateFinder - Help command

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Hello!,. I would need to know what command I can use in "Wise DuplicateFile" , to add it to the "Windows Context Menu" and redirect the search to the corresponding folder.

I'm trying to do this, but I need to know the correct parameter ...



Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


@="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Wise\\Wise Duplicate Finder\\WiseDuplicateFinder.exe \"%1\""



I need to know the parameter before \"%1\""

If someone can help me, it would be of great help, thank you!





As an extra fact, I discovered that the file located in....

C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\Wise Duplicate Finder\Config.ini

In the next line, it tells you which path to set.....

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