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License Key NOT received

Frank Heath

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I have not received the license key for my purchase.

I have thoroughly checked the INBOX, SPAM, JUNK and TRASH.

Please help me to access the software.

Many thanks,

Frank Heath


The following is my order information:

Invoice for order # 766121283 dated 25-DEC-2021
Seller of the product: Publisher:
Digital River GmbH Lespeed technology co., Ltd.
Scheidtweilerstr. 4 Terry Tang
50933 Cologne Wangjing East Park, Chaoyang District
Germany Beijing, CN-11 100102
Tax ID Number: 30 000 904 758 700
Item # Description Qty. Unit Price GST Amount
USD 98.95300949058p Wise Care 365 Pro (3 PCs Lifetime)
Delivery date: 25-DEC-2021
1 USD 89.95 10%¹ USD 9.00
USD -59.37discount 1 USD -53.97 10%¹ USD -5.40
Net total USD 35.98
GST USD 3.60
Total amount USD 39.58
Sequential invoice no.: e5-DE-2021-00002575715
Payment Type: PayPal

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