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Wise Disk Cleaner Support For Winapp.ini?


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An integration option for winapp.ini files (2, 3, and nonCC) for more effective cleaning for Wise Disk Cleaner would be very nice:


This would make Wise Disk Cleaner much more capable and competitive with products like CCleaner, System Ninja, BleachBit, and many others by advantaging all the work that gets added to these FOSS ini files regularly and frequently.

The winapp.ini files are so popular there are even scripts that just clean using them directly and many second party tools for automatically downloading updated versions of these files for the various cleaning tools like CCEnhancer that just downloads the winapp2.ini file:


Wise Disk Cleaner leaves a lot behind, that is cleaned by this file, there are scenarios where CCleaner, BleachBit and System Ninja can safely remove more than twice as much in crap files as Wise Disk Cleaner.
As well there are many people that work on the winapp.ini file that are not fans of CCleaner, and would love to support more apps like Wise Disk Cleaner, and Wise Registry Cleaner... The cost of integrating winapp.ini is small, the free marketing and attention would be substantial.
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