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How to use Reminder


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Reminder is a things to-do reminder plug-in that can be used on a computer, just like an alarm clock in mobile phone. It only takes a few seconds for the user to create a task. Support multi-task reminders, such as business meetings, birthday dinners, anniversaries, etc. No longer worry about memory being like a sieve.


The page as a whole is divided into three parts: Task groups, Task items and Settings






1.       Click Add Group to create a new group. Here you can create multiple groups. Each group supports adding multiple tasks.

Then double-click to edit or modify the task group name.

In addition, you can also right-click to implement edit function or delete the task group.



2.       Create new task item by clicking + in the upper right corner. Then edit task item.



Note: For each new alarm task, the total number of tasks will be displayed on the corresponding task group.




3.       Set date and time.



Select the frequency of alarm ringing (once, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) and specific time, and finally click Save.


4.       The alarm is ringing. Click Got it to close it.



5.        Completed tasks will be checked as green.




Part one----create new item.

Part two----set date and time.

Part three----time left.

Part four----uncompleted task.

Part five----completed task.



6. Settings




Here you can perform some basic task settings such as:

----If you check Hide completed tasks, the completed tasks will not be displayed in the task item.

If you check Put completed tasks at the bottom of the list, the completed tasks will be placed below the unfinished tasks.

----Choose your favorite ringtone: Default or Mute.

----Use some shortcut keys to make the operation easier. For example, by pressing the Tab key to create a new task or pressing Space key to mark whether the task has been completed.


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