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How to use Network Address Translation


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Network Address Translation is to make data packets with a specific source IP address and source port number not be shielded by the NAT device and routed correctly to the internal network host. Generally speaking, it is a way to establish a link between a private network and an Internet network. Hereinafter, Network Address Translation is referred to as NAT for short.


1. Please log in to your Wise Toys account before using NAT. Fill in the username and password. If you do not have an account, please fill in the email to register first. 



2. There are connections on the left side of the page.

Click part one to delete the connection;

Click part two to modify the connection’s name;

Click part three to add new connections;


3. On the right side of the page is the specific content of the link item:

Server node-currently only supports one server, with development, it will be possible to support two or more;

Connection method--- Contains 3 modes: http, Local Directory and tcp;

External domain---generally is the username;

Intranet address---take as an example;

Intranet port----take 80 as an example;


Click Connect.



4. The connection item on the left shows a green dot that means the connection is successful.

If you don’t want to connect, then click disconnect.



Note: Currently, only two items can be connected at the same time.

After the connection is successful, you can click copy http or copy https to copy the link.



Http is a plaintext protocol transmission, and https is an encrypted protocol transmission. In other words, https is more secure than http.

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