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Can't Install New Utilities


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I have the following issue:
- There's a "New" symbol on the "Duplicate Finder" utility
- I click on it
- Wise Care 365 asks me if I want to download and install it
- I click on "Yes"
- There's a green loading bar under the "Duplicate Finder" icon
- Once completed, the "New" symbol is still present on the "Duplicate Finder" icon
- If I click again on the utility, it asks me again to download and install.

It's the same situation with any other "New" utility.

Below some screenshot, with the time.
I have Wise Care 365 v 5.6.1 Pro.
I tried also by deactivating my antivirus Avast, and by rebooting multiple times my computer.

Do you have any recommendation regarding this issue?



- "Duplicate Finder" utility with "New" symbol


- Question to download and install


- Green loading bar under the "Duplicate Finder" icon


- "Duplicate Finder" utility with "New" symbol still on it


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