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PC Problem After Running Wise Registry Cleaner

Kev L

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I ran Wise Registry Cleaner (WRC) two days ago and, since then, my PC will not recognise my Galaxy S10 or connect with it via USB.   I cannot find the version of the WRC which I have but it was installed on 16 ‎November ‎2019 and the OS on my PC is Windows 10.   I have had no previous problems with my PC connecting to my phone and have no new programmes installed recently.   I note that, within the 'Menu' of the WRC there is a 'Restore' button which shows the (only) time which I have used that programme but I am unsure if that will resolve the problem and I am wary to run it just in case.

I'd be grateful if anybody could assist with my problem and thank you in anticipation of your advice. Regards,


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