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Kaspersky identifies Wise Care 365 as malicious!

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Thanks for your feedback and sorry about that.

We have contacted Kaspersky and trying to fix this False Positive.

Now, please exclude Wise Care 365 from Kaspersky.

1, Right-click on Kaspersky icon in the notification area, and choose Pause protection.



 2, Download and reinstall Wise Care 365 version 5.48. 


3, Launch Kaspersky and you will the protection is paused. Click the setting icon in the lower-left corner



4, Select "Additional" tab, click "Threats and Exclusions" in the right, then find "Exclusion" section and click "Manage exclusion"




5, Click the button "Add",  then click Browse button to find and select Wise Care 365 v5.48 installation file, click "Add" in the bottom to save changes.

6, Repeat step 5, add "C:\Program Files (x86)\Wise\" to the exclusion list.




7, Turn on Kaspersky protection.

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