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It found a baddy my "Friend" gave me. But it says no Engine!?

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The wise antimalware popped up a screen saying it found two trojans - I recognized the files as from a visitor two days before, so I am very, very pleased with the performance of these products.  
However, I wanted to do a complete malware scan and it says "Engine Service does not exist....".

Please help, otherwise proven useful product.  Thank you.

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Please try the following steps:

1, Close Wise Anti Malware
2, Open C:\Program Files\Wise\Wise Anti Malware\SavEngine\on_access\
3, Right-click on on-access-drivers-uninstall.cmd, and choose Run as administrator, then you need to reboot the system.
4, After a system reboot, open C:\Program Files\Wise\Wise Anti Malware\SavEngine\on_access\
5, Right-click on on-access-drivers-install.cmd, and choose Run as administrator.
6, Open Wise Anti Malware

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