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System TuneUp – What exactly does it do?


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I usually don't trust these system enhancement magic tools, but Registry Cleaner seems legit if I go by the descriptions alone. 

Still, even if it is, these descriptions are too vague for me to know if the changes it makes are something I want. Is there anywhere I can see what exactly each of the options entails?

For instance, the "set Windows Explorer components to run in separate processes" is clear enough. But what exactly is optimized and in which way for "Optimized response speed of system display"? Same thing with all the other vague options. 

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Thanks for the suggestion.
We will improve the description in future version.
About 'Optimized response speed of system display', the full explanation is optimizing response speed of the Windows Menu display. 
The registry key is HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop, MenuShowDelay
Default value is 400, and optimized value is 0. You can change the value to 2000, then click Menu and you can understand what is optimizing response speed of the Windows Menu display.

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I've got to revive this thread.

It would be really helpful to have a seperate detailed description of what exactly all the settings do and what registry value etc. they change, so that advanced users can decide easier if they want to check it or not.

I'm struggling to identify some of these 'optimizations' since they're just too vague like Fuzen said.

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