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I don't find the contents of my hard drive


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I just had a problem with Wise Folder Hider:
I had hidden the files of a hard disk of 1 TB still filled and I am surprised that everything is empty when opening the hard disk while the bar of disk is completely filled.

Moreover, nothing appears in Wise Hide folder

How can I solve this problem to find the contents of my hard drive?


Thank you for your help

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Please try this way:

1, Download this tool: http://www.wisecleaner.com/tools/DelFHPath.exe

2, Enter your WFH password to run this tool

3, Expand hidden USB drive (the 1TB drive) , then expand the special folder named ...., continue expanding until you see hidden files and folders.

4, Right click on a file/folder, choose "Move to..", select a different location to save it.


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