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Wise Care Folder Hider won't hide folder again


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I updated the Wise Care Folder Hider and now have a big problem.  I un-hid a folder to check some files. Now I get an error Message trying to hide it again. It says :

"Unable to support hiding the files/folders in USB devices,please use the Hide USB Driver Feature."

I had been using this program to hide a folder on that drive for years and now I can't anymore? Why? Can I re-download the earlier version that did work? This is causing a major problem for me...

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I had been using it to hide a folder on a USB drive from the time I started using Folder Hider until I updated it. Then it no longer would do it. I uninstalled the latest version and installed an older version and I can now again hide a folder on a USB drive without hiding the whole drive.

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On 10/9/2018 at 6:29 AM, wisecleaner_admin said:


Is the drive a USB drive?

For security reason, Wise Folder Hider v4 doesn't support to only hide a folder in a USB device.

If you want this feature, please reinstall old version.

Hi, I also wanna roll back to the old version. Could you tell me which version is the last one that support it, please?

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