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  1. Hi, I also wanna roll back to the old version. Could you tell me which version is the last one that support it, please?
  2. Hi, I'm reluctant to use it without a password recovery function. It will be great if WFH provides a function like "Retrieve password via email" like this: It's not necessary to be exactly the same as this. There are many methods to recover the password. Then, we'll be able to use it with peace of mind
  3. Wise Folder Hider won't select other drive. I just updated with the new version and found the WFH won't select except the first drive. For example, I have two USB drives, G and H. Both of the drives are shown up on the selection menu, but I can't select drive H. However, it works if I type manually. Please fix it in the next update. Thanks!
  4. WFH cannot hide an empty usb disk As the title says, WFH won't hide my 4gb usb stick even though there are files. What should I do?
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