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WFH not hiding folders - please help


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Hi all,


I have an issue and hoping you all can help.

I use windows 8 and I recently updated the wise folder hider free to version 4.11.143.

Ever since I updated to this version some of my folders are not being hidden. When I drag a folder in the WFH I can see the full folder path and it says the status is hidden however I can still see the folder in explorer.

This is only happening to folders that I unhide and then trying to hide. The folders that I did not touch at all (i.e unhide in new version) are hidden in explorer.

Moreover if I drag the folder again, I see it twice in WFH and it still remains visible in explorer.

This worked for some of the files I hid in the new version but has suddenly stopped working.

Can you please advise?



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