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Pirated copy, now cannot download Free version again


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A couple of days ago I download the FREE version of WiseCare365. I really liked the program and went online to see if there were any active give-a-ways of the PRO version. I found what I thought was one, however after downloading I see it is a pirated copy. I UNINSTALLED it right away. Then I tried to download the FREE version again but it keeps saying it is the PRO.


I have not paid for this software and cannot afford to at this time, but would like to use the FREE version. I am not that computer literate but would appreciate any help!

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Hi mwcats.  :)

Today wisecleaner is doing a promotion of its products.
WiseCare365Pro today costs $30 (1 pc, lifetime).
WiseCare365Pro, WiseFolderHiderPro, WiseVideoConverterPro today cost $34.95(1 pc, lifetime).

If you still want the free version only, you can try to use wise program uninstaller to remove wise care 365 pro illegal version completely.
If that shouldn't work, you can try also wise registry cleaner and wise disk cleaner.
Those programs are all freeware.
Check the official download webpage: http://www.wisecleaner.com/download.html
There you can find also portable versions (which I like very much).


If nothing of that should work, wait a more authoritative answer from WiseCleaner_Admin (or staff, moderators, developers) tomorrow.



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Thank you Xilolee for such a prompt reply. I did do the things you suggested, I have the Wise Registry Cleaner and Wise Disk Cleaner downloaded. But then when I try to download the free version again it will still give me the Pro.


Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend and thanks again for your suggestion!

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I appreciate all the lookers and Xilolee for the recommendations.  I have resolved the issue, I had to remove the registry key (scary!).  I have now downloaded the free version and it is working ok.  Will keep an eye out for a legit give-a-way as I just can't afford all the software I would like! :mellow:

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