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How to insure that external usb drive(s) folders remain hidden and linked to wfh.


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I set up two external usb drives with folder hider. Both are off a lot of the time or disconnected.  At some point, one or both of the devices no longer showed in the folder hider list.

I generally close it down by clicking the X in folder hider's workspace and the drives return to hidden.  The problem seemed to be caused when working with one drive (and not the other) and shutting down.

I am not sure why the program would not recognize the drive(s) it is registered to.  Is something written to the external drives linking it back to the program?


So I set them up with a secondary password.

I am trying to insure that the drives stay linked and that their content stays hidden when disconnected, so I created secondary passwords hoping that

this will be helpful.

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Shortly after posting, another version came out.  Where before, there was no indication of anything hidden or other wise written to the drive

by the program, the latest build created a folder with triangle ascii symbols as its title and a few wise related sub-folders.  These folders were

hidden but visible to a file manager capable of seeing them.  The deepest folder was the hidden content.  So i gave up on the program.

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Okay, understood.

As I know, if you want to hide a file/folder that any other program can't find it, it is impossible, except you change the file/folder name, or the file/folder doesn't exist. a kind of program which can read Windows File Allocation Table, it display all files/folders.
Wise Folder Hider Free is a Free product, it offers a simple and easy way to hide file/folder, some special program can find the hidden file/folder. But, Wise Folder Hider Pro, it is strong than Free version, even if a program find the hidden file/folder, it can't open/edit the file/folder.

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