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  1. Shortly after posting, another version came out. Where before, there was no indication of anything hidden or other wise written to the drive by the program, the latest build created a folder with triangle ascii symbols as its title and a few wise related sub-folders. These folders were hidden but visible to a file manager capable of seeing them. The deepest folder was the hidden content. So i gave up on the program.
  2. (WELL IT TURNS OUT THAT Ztreewin File Manager (ztree.com) "sees" right through the "hidden program files and also sees the hidden folders and files and can utilize them; File Explorer can not.) Something changed from version 136 to 137. 136 seemed to lose its control over a "hidden drive." The usb drive when disconnect was sometime gone from the programs workspace list. A series of unwanted hidden folders (that were not hidden) appeared on the external usb drive. The parent folder name was 5 or so triangles. Something I've seen on other hider programs. The child folder named hidefolder and another sub folder "hide" The 4th was the name of the folder that was hidden and below that all the folder and files that were supposed to be hidden! The original targeted folder was hidden. I unhid the folder in the WFH control panel and uninstalled and things went back to normal but I had to delete the weird folders with file explorer.. I tried to reproduce the same issue on my xp machine at work but that worked fine, hiding the folder and files. However left was the attached folders. In win 10 below the "hide" folder was a duplication of the hidden folder with all the files made available, which defeats the purpose of the program. Very strange behavior. The program is straight forward and I uninstalled and reinstalled to see if it was an install issue. And it remains an issue for me. PB
  3. I set up two external usb drives with folder hider. Both are off a lot of the time or disconnected. At some point, one or both of the devices no longer showed in the folder hider list. I generally close it down by clicking the X in folder hider's workspace and the drives return to hidden. The problem seemed to be caused when working with one drive (and not the other) and shutting down. I am not sure why the program would not recognize the drive(s) it is registered to. Is something written to the external drives linking it back to the program? So I set them up with a secondary password. I am trying to insure that the drives stay linked and that their content stays hidden when disconnected, so I created secondary passwords hoping that this will be helpful.
  4. I installed the latest version of wfh and hid a folder on a my book 3.0 drive. The folder was gone but a five triangle folder appeared below (as I expected) However when I highlighted the new folder all the hidden files were visible and available. I unhid the original folder, but wfh says its still hidden. Then I tried to unhide those extra folders with no luck and funny wfh says the original folder that I unhided is still hidden but it isn't. Im copying all my files to the main drive and will reformat the external if we can't come up with a solution. see picture. I had just updated with the newest wfh. I did uninstall before using it. I hid the folder in the usual way, but the program failed by a windows 8.1 dell computer.
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