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Registry keys left after uninstallation leave an useless "destroy file/folder" option in the contextual menu


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Greetings, the Wise Care 365 3.9.5 uninstaller leaves at least these registry keys:


because of this, if you right-click on a file in the desktop, you still can read the "destroy file/folder" option (please note that I translated "destroy file/folder" from italian), even if the program is uninstalled.


My operating system is Windows XP service pack 3 italian.

I tried the "Giveaway of the Day" 3.9.5 version.

I tried to make the application portable before uninstalling.

A reboot did not help.



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Hey borut,

Thanks for your feedback.

You said, Wise Care 365 3.9.5 uninstaller leaves at least these registry keys.

We have test it, when wise care 365 was uninstalled, these three registry keys were be removed together. But, if you run the portable version, these three registry key will be created again. You can check the registry key value, it will point to the portable version

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I'm not a developer. :) Just check in the above mentioned programs (Baidu Cleaner, CCleaner), what paths are checked and what files have the redundant locations. Then add the rules checking unnecessary files and records to Wise Registry Cleaner, Wise Registry Cleaner, Wise 365.

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