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Auto cleanup not works


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I have this problem with RG Portable version, the RG icon appears in system tray and then disappears after a few seconds. No message. After this I check manually, it deleted nothing. It doesn't work at all. Then I checked in the Windows TaskScheduler and I have seen that the task is set up for Windows 2000 and XP, maybe the parameters of the task would be updated.

Anyway in the scheduled task, it would be added the option of repeating task if the PC was turn off, hibernate or sleep at the scheduled moment. 

Thanks in advance.


Windows 8.1 Pro x86.


Happy holiday

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Maybe there is nothing to be cleaned.

You can do a test, scan system manually (only scan, not clean). then create a task and wait. When the task is running, you can check whether the cleaner is working.

The parameter - Windows 2000 and XP, it is fine, no need to update.


About repeat task, we will consider it, thanks.

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