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incorrect Start-Menu-Entry after install a new Wise Care 365


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i have years ago installed wise care 365 and other tools from wise in a customized folder in start-menu. it calls "Programme-->Wise"


but for some time I notice that this customized adaption no longer goes with each new version, when updating.





after every updating ... wise care 365 creates a new entry in start-menu "wise care 365" but it should automaticly in "programme-->wise-->wise care 365"


(the installpath is correct in this folder i installed the wise-tools)


1. = my old customized start-menu-entry chosen by first installation

2. = the new entry after updating (i have it manually deleted after every updating version)

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wise care 365 does not use the original folder in start menu of the old installed version when installing a new version.


the original folder was a custom setting by me. but in the new versions is this option seemingly does not exist... is this right?





ps: screenshot is available in my post (by bilder-upload.eu) --> "http://www.bilder-upload.eu/show.php?file=f0ebf5-1448028647.jpg"


perhaps if you use ublock, it blocks the picture upload page...


this is from another pic-upload-page:


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The installer in fact does not ask anymore where you want to create the shortcut in the start-menu... At least, this is true on windows 10, but I can not check the same behaviour on previous windows operating systems.


Wait anyway for a more authoritative answer from WiseCleaner_Admin or from WiseCleaner moderators(employees/workers)/developers.

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Thanks for your feedback!

The directory and name of start menu shortcuts in Wise Care 365 are all default setting.
Each time when you install Wise Care 365, they will take a new default configuration.
And it won't use the existing configuration which is defined by the users.
We will consider your suggestion. Thanks again.
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