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Problem with StartIsBack++ 1.0.x


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Every time I run a checkup/fix on Wise Care 365, with StartIsBack++ installed, my Windows 10 metro (or whatever you call it) apps stop working. I always get the following error when I try to run one of them:



If I uninstall or reinstall StartIsBack++ everything works great again.


A fix for this issue would be much appreciated.

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Thanks for your feedback.

You can add a registry key into the Exclusion List.

1, Open wise care 365 -> Custom -> Settings -> Exclusion tab

2, Find Exclusion Registry Key, and lick Add Key

3, enter HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\StartIsBack.ImmersiveApplication\Shell\Open\Command

4, click OK to save settings.



Or, you can open Registry Cleaner, and Scan, then find File Types, find this key, right click it and click Ignore this item.



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