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  1. I did, but if I run the checkup and fix I get the error again. And then I have to refresh again.
  2. I guess I'll just use another addon. Thanks for trying.
  3. Doing a Checkup->Fix breaks the following addon on Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/checker-plus-gmail/ To the point that I am forced to refresh Firefox to be able to use the addon again. Is there anything I can whitelist, without completely whitelisting Firefox, so it doesn't break the addon? Thanks.
  4. Every time I run a checkup/fix on Wise Care 365, with StartIsBack++ installed, my Windows 10 metro (or whatever you call it) apps stop working. I always get the following error when I try to run one of them: If I uninstall or reinstall StartIsBack++ everything works great again. A fix for this issue would be much appreciated.
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