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Problem with Wise Disk Cleaner


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I'm italian, so I apologize if my english isn't good.


I installed on my dad's pc Wise Disk Cleaner.

I have already used it on my pc in the last months and it never gave me problems of any kind.

But this time when I tried to exit from the program this error appeared:




What does it mean?

What could I do to solve it?


Thanks in advance!


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Thank you for your feedback.

When you open wise disk cleaner again, then close it, do you receive the same error message?

Please tell me your system info.


Please download the attachment - WiseDiskCleaner_debug.exe, copy and paste this file in Wise Disk Cleaner installation directory, then run it and close it. when the debug window popped up, you can click the button "Close Application" to close the window, you can find the debug report in the software installation directory. (a text file), send it to me.



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