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v3.7.5 suggestions and feedback


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I just tried the search function in the Pro v3.7.5 and I’m sorry to throw rocks but it is the pits. It is very slow (always seems to be building an index), does not find what I'm searching for and seems to freeze. I normally (and will continue to do so at this time) use Everything as my search tool and highly suggest you use it as your benchmark. I have a fair amount of hard drives installed (14 on my desktop) thus I'm not your average user (over 38 TB of space on the 14 drives). Everything will accept any character string and use it for matching to the filenames, e.g. "win 8 .do" as an example. Also it produces results as I type (super fast). With the search function in v3.7.5 I get a message "Thread creation error: Not enough storage is available to process this command."
  • I had to switch to Chrome as my browser to complete this post, IE just flat out failed and would often freeze
  • I DO NOT like the fact that you attempt to force me to use IE, it is not my default browser
  • With IE I could not past text into the topic whereas I can with Chrome




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Thank you for your feedback.

We have not test wise jetsearch on such big disk space. Can you help us to improve it?
The following is a debug edition of wise jetsearch, please download it and cover the old one (just the exe file), then open it. When it occurred error, it will create a bug report in wise jetsearch installation directory.


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I downloaded the zip file and installed the EXE file. I then attempted to run and almost immediately it produced an error. I then went trough the steps to create and send a report. For several minutes the "Information" window has been open and I just noticed behind this window is another error window. The send failed, there appears to be no way to close the information window.


I opened the task manager and ended all Wise applications, still the Wise JetSearch window, the WiseJetSearch.exe window and the Information window are still open.


AH I was able to close all by closing the Wise JetSearch window

Reran the JetSearch, encountered the same error, clicked send bug report, immediately "Fast find file and folder" window opened stating it had failed. Closed the window all closed.


Reran JetSearch, the index was successfully created. For the search string I entered "wise" and clicked search. Results was immediately produced but I'm having trouble scrolling. Over 1000 results were produced. The results window is frozen and I cannot scroll.  Ops, I just saw the window move, I attempted to scroll and again it appears to be frozen.


I changed the search string to "wise .exe" (a blank is part of the string), clicked search and immediately I get the error. Clicked send report, a few seconds pass, I get error "Sorry, sending the bug report didn't work."


A lot of stuff may be falling through the cracks, if you want I can create a video. The video will be large thus it would be best if I can FTP it to you.


Also my time is rather limited thus I may be slow to respond to you. Next week I will be installing a new 6TB drive to replace a failed 6TB drive thus I will be busy getting everything restored back to the new drive from backups. Also I will be performing several data backup verifications to determine that my backups are performing as expected. This activity will consume a LOT of my time.

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Thank you very much!

Commonly, when the debug window popped up, you can click the button "Close Application" to close the window.

Then you can find the debug report in the software installation directory. (a text file)

Here is my Dropbox ID, you can upload the video to Dropbox. (I will send a forum message to you.)

Thank you for your help!

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