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  1. Delete the cookies and select the search engine that you want.
  2. I don't think that product key will work on booted harddisk.
  3. Delete all temporary and cache file. May be this will fix the issue
  4. You should not use Internet explorer. Microsoft has already said that they will not provide any security for the Internet explorer
  5. Yes, you can download. Go to their website & fro there you can download the app
  6. Your USB has been corrupted. That's why it is showing like this.
  7. Your system is not updated. Or the OS is not functioning well. Remove this OS & install it again.
  8. You can easily print the PDF by using your system. There is many tools that will help you to print.
  9. Clean your system. Delete all the temporary files by running command (%tmp%)
  10. Your battery is not showing the real percentage. Replace the battery with new one
  11. As I can see that you are getting problem in windows updating. Like you want to stop the updating. You can stop it by manually or you can delete you manually.
  12. There are many apps that will compress the size of your image & video. Go to play store & download that. For the best one. Google it
  13. Personally, don't go for free tools. It will harm your system. This kind of free antivirus don't work. But you still want to download the free trial. Then go to google & search filehippo & click on that link 7 then after you may able to download the free version of anti-virus
  14. Always delete the cache file as well as temporary files. Don't put too much pressure on RAM. Use a good antivirus. Scan the file before downloading.
  15. Hi there, Windows 7 is not getting the important updates, so may be this is a problem. 2nd your ROM & RAM. if that are low then your system will not run fast. 3rd clean temporary file by doing this process. Tap on start button type in search box %tmp% then after delete the all cache & temporary file. It will help you to speed-up your system.
  16. There are two possibilities for this. One is you are using MS office without licensed version & the another is your MS office licensed has been expired.
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