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  1. It's yet another WiseCare bugged upgrade [sigh]. This time V3.16 Pro tries to upgrade, but the upgrade process is interrupted by the website opening and inviting me to pay for the upgraded version. I think not - my V3.16 Pro is already paid for and registered, thanks. How about WiseCare delivers some upgrade reliability for a change, instead of every time a new (unwanted) adventure?
  2. Wise have lost the plot so badly with this latest update that I am contemplating ditching what used to be a valuable program. The desktop memory/tempterature gizmo is RUBBISH. Even if I wanted such a toy cluttering my screen, I have no interest in seeng a temperature in fahrenheit. Newsflash guys: most of the world outside the USA bubble speaks METRIC! And who decided to change my preset defaults for cleaning so that my records of files previously opened in MS Office programs were erased? Fail, fail, fail!
  3. Thanx xilolee - I'm pleased to confirm that the new 2.99 version fixes the issue I was having and Wise Care 365 Pro is now working normally again. I had to tell 2.98 to update, as it didn't do it automatically and after the update downloaded, I had to use Task Manager to close 2.98, which didn't want to go away. It was a relief to be able to reopen 365 Pro and find 2.99 running with full functionality restored. Cheers to the Wise Care team for the prompt response and fix.
  4. Attached is a screenshot of the error message that appears whenever I press the Check Up Now button.
  5. I have the same issue with the same error messages as the above posters, as a result Wise Care 365 pro has become unusable for me.
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