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  1. Hello Today it is the update to the latest version of the program happened to be the update is not completed. OS win7 ultimate 64, the same happened to win 8.1 printscreen: r3Qui3m
  2. Hello I apologize for the post. Agoda me by the infamous patch KB2859537. It was made backup - files were created after that date. So the WDR could not detect it. Once again I apologize for littering, and I suggest deleting this topic. regards r3Qui3m
  3. Hello My suggestions and questions for technical support. In the near future we expect support for Libre Office and Open Office? After accidentally delete a folder in which I had a few files .odt and .rtf and some .doc and .docx. WDR just found .doc and .docx. regards r3Qui3m
  4. For each update, I will send patch for Slovenian language. But for some time, I note that it is not then the update. Do not get my mail or something else wrong? Thanks for the reply. Would you propose the following: Make hidden site for translators, each of them give your password, and then they impose on programs by language updates. r3Qui3m (Slovenian translator)
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