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  1. Ciao Edmondo. :-) Cliccando qui (su questa frase) puoi scaricare la versione portatile del programma E' in formato compresso/zippato, sarà da decomprimere/dezippare con un programma apposito (winzip, 7zip, peazip, zipgenius, WinRAR e simili). Dopo di che, potrai mettere la cartella (con al suo interno il programma) dove ti pare. Se preferisci invece installare il programma, clicca questa frase e scaricherai il programma installatore. Non ricordo esattamente dove si inserisce il codice di licenza; nel menu del programma io ho "cambia chiave di licenza"... Immagino che finché la versione è free, ci sia la dicitura "Inserisci la chiave di licenza", o qualcosa di simile. Dovrebbe perciò apparire la finestra in cui inserire tutti i dati: nome, indirizzo email e chiave di licenza. Dovrai inserire il nome e l'indirizzo email che hai fornito durante il pagamento. Per la chiave di licenza: è consigliabile copiarla e poi incollarla, piuttosto che stare a riscriverla a mano; a patto che non si inseriscano degli spazi prima o dopo la chiave. Alla fine premi il pulsante Registra. Questo è un esempio (clicca il pulsante show per visualizzare l'immagine): Se hai altre domande o problemi, rispondi pure qui. Se invece nonostante tutti i miei suggerimenti tu non riuscissi ancora ad attivare il programma, ti suggerisco di contattare direttamente il supporto di wisecleaner, tramite le loro email (ovviamente al posto di chiocciola dovrai mettere @ ed eliminare gli spazi): sales CHIOCCIOLA wisecleaner.com support CHIOCCIOLA wisecleaner.com Oppure usando il questionario in questa pagina (cliccami)
  2. Hi. Still present: Another problem: Create a task (any). WAS should go in the notification area (that's the system tray). Move the WAS tray icon in the HIDDEN notification area (i.e., you must click the up arrow in the notification area to see the WAS tray icon). Click the WAS tray icon in the HIDDEN notification area, and WAS should appear. Click the X in WAS: WAS should go again in the HIDDEN notification area, instead it disappears. But it is still present, when you check task manager. This problem doesn't appear when the WAS tray icon remains in the visible notification area. I.e., when we/you click the WAS tray icon in the visible notification area, WAS appears; when later we/you'll click the X, WAS will go again in the notification area. This always works (tried three-four times in a row). Hope this helps (and that it is clear enough).
  3. Hi adlane. If you downloaded Wise Memory Optimizer 3.48 Free portable version, you can just extract its files in a folder. Later you can move that folder where you prefer. When you'll want to remove WMO, the uninstall won't be necessary: you will only delete the entire folder. If you prefer the installer version of WMO, then you'll use its uninstaller in control panel\programs\uninstall (when you'll want to uninstall it, obviously).
  4. We define the X button as cancel. So, when you click X button to close window, it means you cancel changes. Then the program misses a save button. If clicking on the "custom area" and then clicking "scan", saves the settings and contemporaneously starts a "fast scan", I don't get why there should be a "fast scan" button. Instead, If clicking on the "custom area" and then clicking "scan", saves the settings and starts a "deep scan", I don't get why there should be a "deep scan" button. Conclusion: you can remove the "custom area" button and can combine it with the "deep scan" button, calling it "advanced scan". The "fast scan" button could be left like it is. By the way, I still prefer the previous method (a special section to define the areas to scan, with a save button).
  5. Hi cucciolagigio. Are you running your browser, during the automatic clean-up? If yes, did you try to close the browser before the clean-up? Or was irrelevant the browser running, a week ago? As automatic clean-up, do you intend (1) a click on checkup, (2) a scheduled task created with wise care 365, (3) a scheduled task created with windows task scheduler, (4) wise turbo ?
  6. They're still present in 9.35. It seems you fixed the register window only, the last point of the list (but its title remained "register", i.e. there isn't a string to translate it).
  7. WiseCleaner_Admin: I see you have implemented it. It could be more useful to add also two checkboxes for those two settings. In my language I translated them in "Show only if useless files are larger than:" and "Show only if the number of traces is greater than:", because I didn't find them very clear.
  8. Current portable version creates C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Wise Disk Cleaner\UpdateInfo and C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Wise euask folders. The about submenu isn't translated and neither the title of the about window.
  9. Problems of the current release (9.34.605): Custom area: replace the scan button with the save button, to save the choices, because when I click the top-right X, the choices won't be saved. You fixed this problem in release 9.15, but it returned in the current stable release I don't know when this problem returned. I'd also prefer its previous location (bottom-left corner). Auto-adjust columns (when double-clicking the column cursor) doesn't work. I can't remember if this worked in previous releases. Tooltips don't work, when the "value name" and "key name" columns are "stretched" (i.e., always). They worked in previous releases. I don't know when this problem returned. When I open WRC portable, %AppData%\Wise Euask folder is created (and it shouldn't create it, or at least it should create that folder inside WRC folder). Some entries didn't show the description. I had got these three entries without a description (but probably I deleted them, because now I don't get them any more): HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{C79BA6D1-F7B8-4b87-A405-ED9DE29A8B6D}\AppID= HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{CEDCD345-8C2C-4928-B8C9-AE867372A7CF}\AppID= HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{D1219BD5-B542-4ab7-82CB-C89DDA9F3768}\AppID= The register window doesn't show all the strings (but the tooltips work, at least). "Contact us" isn't translatable. If possible, enlarge the entries.
  10. Hi OLTSYS. You can download wise registry cleaner free (installer or portable) 9.34.605 from wisecleaner download center (click). After you have installed it, or extracted it, open it and you can find the "register" icon at top-right corner: the icon is the up arrow. It will ask you email, name and license key. Hope this helps!
  11. I think the user said there are missing R in Registo and Registado. I opened the Portuguese(brazil).ini and I found four "registo".
  12. Hi acharath. Sysnative.com forum is able to help with windows update problems. My suggestion is to register there and ask for help, after you read their "windows update posting instructions" thread. It seems currently they forgot to renew the domain, but I'm quite sure they'll fix it in few hours/days.
  13. I saw another item in the Vivaldi example by 云淡风轻 (Clear Sky?): PathMatch. Could it be added to the guide (with basic explanation and examples)?
  14. I have now made a try: I have downloaded and installed Vivaldi (latest x64 version), in its default path (c:\program files\Vivaldi). WCare365 without usercustom.ini finds: cache localstorage autocomplete form history saved passwords session With usercustom.ini, it finds also cookies (maybe the WiseCleaner team forgot to add them in the program). We can tick or untick checkboxes and WCare365 should remember our choices (although I know there's a problem: it sometimes forgets the settings). Hence, exactly, what do you think it's missing?
  15. Hi parkd1. From Wise iPhone Care - tech spec. (click):
  16. Did you try the usercustom.ini provided by 云淡风轻? Did/does it work? It works; when I'm in incognito mode, the history won't appear at all: Steps: Create a shortcut to Vivaldi.exe and put it on the desktop (or where you prefer) Right-click the shortcut, click properties, go to the shortcut tab, append --incognito in the target entry, click ok Example: I have "installed" (the portable version) in D:\Browsers In the target entry I had got D:\Browsers\Vivaldi\Application\vivaldi.exe I added --incognito and it became D:\Browsers\Vivaldi\Application\vivaldi.exe --incognito
  17. Hi etorkia. Can you find ms office programs in menu, settings, custom checkup, useless files? Or in menu, settings, custom checkup, computer traces? If yes, untick them and re-try.
  18. I get these: In the first case, I clicked it 3-4 times and it has been downloaded. In the second case, it didn't work. (And the results are in English)
  19. Probably you need to create the rule for it in your firewall (at least, outgoing tcp ports 80 and 443). By the way, I also have tried it and I haven't always got the videos: sometimes it has downloaded the videos I have searched, sometimes it hasn't (disregarding how many clicks I have done on the re-try button).
  20. WSM correctly shows my memory manufacturer name (NANYA) BUT it doesn't show the Manufactor string (maybe is manufacturer more correct?) in hardware monitor, memory (between speed and serial number). It probably wants the Manufacter string inside the Italian.ini (and also inside the other languages files). Vice versa, the Manufactor string in hardware monitor, graphic card is present, BUT it doesn't show my graphic card manufacturer name (INTEL).
  21. Portable version creates these files in %AppData%\Wise Disk Cleaner: UpdateInfo folder, and updates (newsletter) files in it. They should be inside the portable folder. I just want to bring again to your attention the old problem with the slimming system function on windows 7 OSs. When using the slimming system, some files will be marked as missing/deleted/corrupt by MS SFC tool (sfc /scannow). Hence the guys that help to fix SFC problems will put a bad reputation on your programs (all of your programs, the entire company). Given that I think that's not fair, I suggest you to fix that problem... Topics that show the bug: http://forum.wisecleaner.com/index.php?/topic/3090-wdc-affecting-sfc-scannow-results/ http://forum.wisecleaner.com/index.php?/topic/4561-system-slimming/?hl=%2Bwindows+%2Bslimming+%2Bsystem
  22. Portable version creates these files in %AppData%\Wise Game Booster: run.txt config.ini plgame.dfg ub.lst They should be inside the portable folder.
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