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  1. @gallant205 Thanks for your suggestions. I will foraward it to the developer team.
  2. Hello, Sorry, I have no idea how to fix it. The property of the "Folder" is a bit strange. The regular property of a folder has no "Open with" option and, its File Type is Folder but with a file extension. I have never seen such a Property. Please try to change it to a known file type, e.g., txt. Then, it could be deleted. If it doesn't work, please try another force deleters, or, submit your problem to answers.microsoft.com
  3. Thanks for your good suggestions.?
  4. Thanks for your feedback. ? Any suggestions and bugs, please feel free to contact us.
  5. As far as know, the developer team will not add such an option to reset the record, but I will forward your suggestion to them. If you want to reset one of the records, please open the file config.ini, find [CleanHistory], update/reset the record you want.
  6. Hello, There is no option to clear the record, but you can delete the configuration file to reset it. 1, Please open a folder, then type this path in the address bar %appdata%\wise care 365\ 2, Find and delete the file named "config.ini"
  7. Hello, Version 5.65 has fixed most issues in 5.64 except the 125% scaling setting issue. It will be fixed in version 6 and with a brand new interface. Thanks for your feedback.
  8. Hello, Ignore Recycle Bin from PC Checkup: Please open Wise Care 365 - > Menu - > Settings - > Custom Checkup - > Useless Files, uncheck "Empty Recycle Bin", then save changes. Ignore Recycel Bin from Common Cleaner: Please open Wise Care 365 - > System Cleaner - > Common Cleaner - > Files in Computer - > Windows system, uncheck "Empty Recycle Bin"
  9. Okay, we will check the interface and improve it in the next updates. Thanks for your feedback.
  10. @Drux Hello, Wise Auto Shutdown only supports the Daily type to repeat a task. If you want to make the PC sleep at the same time every day, please choose "Daily". And please also check whether the "Run at startup" option in the Menu has been selected.
  11. @Serenator Hello, Thanks for your feedback. Can you give me a screenshot of the "slightly broken"? The current version 5.6.4 supports system scaling settings but only 100%, 150%, and 200%. If your screen solution setting is 125% or 175%, just like you said, some lines and graphics are not very good.
  12. @Megs Hello, Wise Care 365 CAN NOT be activated with a pirated key. If you try to register with a pirated key, you will receive the error message "Cannot find your registration information" or "Invalid license key". If you activate Wise Care 365 by cracking, you will receive a warning message every time you open Wise Care 365. "You are possibly a victim of pirated license key...". Please CLICK HERE to fix this issue.
  13. @MaxRats Sorry about that. "can't allocate DIB handle" is a bug in the new interface library. We will fix it in the future update. Wise Duplicate Finder uses conventional methods to delete files. If the file is in use or locked by another program, you will receive the message "File cannot be deleted". Please try the version https://downloads.wisecleaner.com/soft/WDFSetup_1.3.6.44.exe
  14. @Danielss23 Hello, Please click "Select none" at the bottom, then tick "Disable the Auto Play feature on drives to avoid virus infection/propagation.". Then click "System Default" at the lower right. Restart the system to apply changes.
  15. @Taxi Hello, Because the optimized value is the same as system default.
  16. @Nnashville1 We conducted some tests and found the difference between Wise Duplicate Finder and the program you mentioned. Wise Duplicate Finder is a duplicate file scanner. What file is duplicated? Each byte is exactly the same, there is no difference. Two examples: 1. B is a copy of A, we say that A and B are duplicates. 2. A is a text file, we create a new text file B, copy and paste the content of A to B, rename it to A, and store it in another location. Wise Duplicate Finder (Quick Match Mode) considers these two files to be duplicates because they have the same name and size. However, these 2 files may not be duplicates in the "exact match" mode. Let us return to the program you mentioned. It focuses on the content of the image, not the image file. For example, pictures A and B, look exactly the same, the program you mentioned will think they are duplicates, but Wise Duplicate Finder will compare each of their bytes, as long as there is a little difference, they will not be considered duplicates. To sum up, if you are looking for duplicate files (the exactly the same), Wise Duplicate Finder is better. If you are looking for similar pictures, the program you mentioned will be better.
  17. Hello, Sorry about that. Wise Duplicate Finder provides 3 different match modes. Match name and size, Partial match, Exact match. Please try the third mode Exact Match. And, please check the "Advanced Option" at the lower right corner, it will affect the scan result if you modified the options. If you need more help, please feel free to contact [email protected]
  18. Hello, The license keys have been sent to your mailbox, please check the inbox and the spam folder.
  19. @xilolee Keep One is only valid for PRO users. Your license key has been updated, and sent to your mailbox, please check the inbox and the spam folder.
  20. Hello, If an item is ignored, PC Checkup will not clear the item this time and will not check it again in the future. It can be revert from Menu - Settings - Custom Checkup. If a file is ignored, it is added to the Exclusion list, Wise Care 365 will not clear the file this time and will not check it again in the future. You can view the excluded files at Menu - Settings - Exclusion.
  21. @ferret Sorry about that. But I'm very sure that the PC Checkup of Wise Care 365 DOES NOT wipe/clear the Google Chrome saved passwords, nor any other browser saved passwords. Wise Care 365 supports clearing the browser saved passwords, but it is Common Cleaner not PC Checkup. Generally, a browser doesn't save the passwords in Cache files. Google Chrome stores the passwords and the usernames in 2 files "Login Data" and "Web Data". You can find these 2 files at %localappdata%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\ Please follow the steps below to verify if PC Checkup clears the passwords. 1, Launch Wise Care 365 and click PC Checkup to scan the system, only scan. 2, Click "Useless Files" - "Google Chrome Cache" and check if "Login Data" and "Web Data" are on the list. Then click the Clean button. 3, Press Win + r to open the Run window. 4, Copy the path %localappdata%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\ and paste it in the Run window, and click OK. 5, Check the folder if the "Login Data" and "Web Data" are still there. 6, Launch Google Chrome and type chrome://settings/autofill in the address bar. In the Autofill, please click Passwords then you will see all saved passwords.
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