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  1. Hello, Please open this page, and enter your email address, then you will see the price for renewal. https://www.wisecleaner.com/renew-license.html
  2. Hello, Sorry about that. Please try to uninstall current files, and reboot the system. Then install Wise Folder Hider again. If it doesn't work, please contact [email protected],
  3. Hello, Sorry about that. Is [email protected] your email address? We sent the message again, please check the inbox and the sapm folder. If you need more help, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]
  4. @samiswise Sorry for the late reply. If you reinstall the OS, please enter the license key to register. If you want to use the key in a new computer, please contact us to reset it.
  5. @hoak Sorry, Wise Disk Cleaner doesnot support WInapp2.ini I will forward your suggestion to the developer team. Thanks,
  6. @Sam68 Hello, It may be caused by software, and hardware. Software 1. Check the system settings. Press Win + i to open System Settings, then click System - About - Advanced system settings In the opened System Properties window, find Startup and Recovery then click Settings. In Startup and Recovery window, find System failure, and check if the option "Automatically restart" is selected. 2. Check scheduled tasks Press Win + s to open the search window, type "task scheduler", then check if there is a scheduled task that will reboot the system automatically. 3. Check the installed applications Hardware Unstable voltage, power supply problem, or high CPU temperature, or even bad sectors on the disk, may cause the system to restart automatically
  7. Hello, normaliz.dll is a DLL file that belongs to the process Unicode Normalization DLL which comes with Microsoft Windows Operating System. So, the error means Windows doesn't' allow to delete this file.
  8. I don't think it is a compatible issue, but it possibly relates to your computer performance. Running two programs at the same time for scanning and cleaning is meaningless for testing. Why not run them separately?
  9. Hello, Since the Wise System Monitor has not been updated for a long time, I can not give you an exact date that the Vietnamese will be applied in Wise System Monitor. But we will add your name to the language page shortly. Thanks for your great work.
  10. @prodigalson1225 Sorry about that. The license key was sent to your mailbox, please check the inbox and the spam folder. For more hel, please feel free to contact [email protected]
  11. Thanks for your suggestions. Yes, it is still a 32-bit program, but compatible with 64-bit system. Windows.old is a special folder. The deletion may spends much time. But Wise Force Deleter supports deleting this folder.
  12. Reminder is a things to-do reminder plug-in that can be used on a computer, just like an alarm clock in mobile phone. It only takes a few seconds for the user to create a task. Support multi-task reminders, such as business meetings, birthday dinners, anniversaries, etc. No longer worry about memory being like a sieve. The page as a whole is divided into three parts: Task groups, Task items and Settings Steps: 1. Click Add Group to create a new group. Here you can create multiple groups. Each group supports adding multiple tasks. Then double-click to edit or modify the task group name. In addition, you can also right-click to implement edit function or delete the task group. 2. Create new task item by clicking + in the upper right corner. Then edit task item. Note: For each new alarm task, the total number of tasks will be displayed on the corresponding task group. 3. Set date and time. Select the frequency of alarm ringing (once, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) and specific time, and finally click Save. 4. The alarm is ringing. Click Got it to close it. 5. Completed tasks will be checked as green. Note: Part one----create new item. Part two----set date and time. Part three----time left. Part four----uncompleted task. Part five----completed task. 6. Settings Here you can perform some basic task settings such as: ----If you check Hide completed tasks, the completed tasks will not be displayed in the task item. If you check Put completed tasks at the bottom of the list, the completed tasks will be placed below the unfinished tasks. ----Choose your favorite ringtone: Default or Mute. ----Use some shortcut keys to make the operation easier. For example, by pressing the Tab key to create a new task or pressing Space key to mark whether the task has been completed.
  13. Release log Version: 6.0.3 Date: Oct.12, 2021 What's new: 1, Fixed a bug in Boot Booster. 2, Improved UI. 3, Updated the configuration file for Common Cleaner. Download Wise Care 365 v6.0.3
  14. Version: 1.0.5 Date: October 09, 2021 What's new: 1. Fixed the issue that Video Downloader could not download YouTube videos. Update / Download Wise Toys v1.0.5
  15. Network Address Translation is to make data packets with a specific source IP address and source port number not be shielded by the NAT device and routed correctly to the internal network host. Generally speaking, it is a way to establish a link between a private network and an Internet network. Hereinafter, Network Address Translation is referred to as NAT for short. Steps: 1. Please log in to your Wise Toys account before using NAT. Fill in the username and password. If you do not have an account, please fill in the email to register first. 2. There are connections on the left side of the page. Click part one to delete the connection; Click part two to modify the connection’s name; Click part three to add new connections; 3. On the right side of the page is the specific content of the link item: Server node-currently only supports one server, with development, it will be possible to support two or more; Connection method--- Contains 3 modes: http, Local Directory and tcp; External domain---generally is the username; Intranet address---take as an example; Intranet port----take 80 as an example; Click Connect. 4. The connection item on the left shows a green dot that means the connection is successful. If you don’t want to connect, then click disconnect. Note: Currently, only two items can be connected at the same time. After the connection is successful, you can click copy http or copy https to copy the link. Http is a plaintext protocol transmission, and https is an encrypted protocol transmission. In other words, https is more secure than http.
  16. Icons8 is a free icon material website, suitable for designing people. There are a large collection of icons in different styles for different projects. The number of icons is huge and the quality is high. Designers don't need to spend a lot of time looking for good materials, because Icons8 are all available. Steps: 1. Start Icons8, enter the icon theme, here we take Facebook as an example. Press Enter to search. 2. Select the appropriate icon and click Download. The downloaded icon supports two formats: PNG and SVG. The PNG format supports several different sizes, and you can also customize the size by yourself. For example, the custom size in the picture is 560.
  17. Dear users, Good news here! Wise Care 365 v6 is released the Beta version. Try it now before its official release. Click Here to try Wise Care 365 v6. You are invited to tell us what you think about it and please have us informed whether anything needs to be modified. Thanks in advance!
  18. Release log Version: 1.0.3 Date: September 22, 2021 What's new: 1, New added one plugin: NAT (Network Address Translation). 2, New added Vietnamese. 3, Launched the registration system and community platform. 4, Fixed some known bugs. Update / Download Wise Toys v1.0.3
  19. Comprehensive Upgrade of Page Layout Greatly Improves Productivity Dear friends, After more than three months of continuous debugging and hard work by the WiseCleaner developers, the fully upgraded Wise Duplicate Finder v2 finally meets everyone! This time we will show you a completely different Wise Duplicate Finder. The biggest change in Wise Duplicate Finder v2 is the new adjustment to the page layout. We mainly focus on three improvements in Wise Duplicate Finder v2: New interface layout enhances user productivity The main body of the page is divided into several modules: File, Home, View, Options and Upgrade (Free version). You can clearly see that they are placed in the upper left position when you open the program. In the previous version, the advanced selection function and the content in the Menu are integrated and embedded in the above column. Here you can perform file duplication check, text size adjustment, language change, program setting, etc. The intuitive page layout makes the operation time-saving and greatly improves productivity. More vivid and energetic icons Wise Duplicate Finder v2 changes the style of plain text in the past, and pays more attention to the construction of page icons. For example, the drop-down menu of file types adds related icons. The combination of icon and text makes the overall interface more vivid and dynamic. The overall structure looks more layered. Provide one-stop service function While exploring the functions of the program itself, developers also focus on bringing quick functions to users. In Wise Duplicate Finder-v2, all scan results are supported for printing. You can also open a file or open a file location in Wise Duplicate Finder. These improvements greatly meet the different needs of users. Here are some other important improvements that can be available: 1. Adopt a brand-new interface to perfectly solve the problem of interface blur caused by scaling settings 2. Support zooming the text in the scan result: Standard, Large, and Extra-large. 3. Improve the filtering function to support rapid filtering of multiple file types. 4. Support to export scan results to multiple formats, txt, csv, html, excel. We look forward to you exploring more new features. Valuable feedback is very important to us. With every improvement, we hope to provide you with an engaging and productive experience. For more details: https://www.wisecleaner.com/wise-duplicate-finder.html Download Wise Duplicate Finder: https://www.wisecleaner.com/download.html
  20. @samiswise Thanks for your suggestion. 1. Manage scheduled tasks. The current versions can manage auto startup scheduled task. we will consider it to manage all tasks. 2. Switch default action from "Allow" to "Block" in Wise Protection, or let us choose which action should be the default. The default "block" operation may cause some programs to fail to start. 3. Easily add startup entries to block list, to prevent them from being enabled again Okay, we will try. 4. usually I can update immediately when a new version is released. But this time I'm still stuck in v5.8.1, click "Check for Updates" and it tells me I'm using the latest.. Sorry about that. The first released 5.8.1 has a bug that cannot check out updates automatically. we fixed it and released the second 5.8.1 soon. Unfortunately, you installed the first 5.8.1. Please download 5.8.3 and update it manually.
  21. @Serenator Don’t worry, the file has been updated, but forgot to update the version number.
  22. You are welcome. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contat us.
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