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  1. I need the ID and PW. When I connect to your PC, we can chat directly. How about (UTC +5) 12:00 AM, 10-26-2017?
  2. Thanks Please download Teamviewer, it is a portable version, you don't need to install it. When you extract all files, just run TeamViewer.exe, you will see a window, it contains your ID and Password. Then send a message to me (please do not post it here!) Or, you can send a email to [email protected]
  3. 2017 Halloween Promotion is starting now! UP TO 82% OFF! From 10/21/2017 to 11/04/2017
  4. Hi jraju, Sorry for the delay. We checked several times, but we didn't know why it doesn't work in your PC. Can I remote your computer to check it? If I want to install a new tool in your system, I will ask for your permission, you can monitor all my operations.
  5. The only way you can do is running a data recovery tool to recover lost files, not folder. You can try Wise Data Recovery.
  6. Hi, Please download this file (WiseDiskCleaner20171017.zip), extract and paste them to wise disk cleaner installation folder to cover old files. Run Wise Disk Cleaner to scan, it will create a log file named wdclog.txt in %appdata%\Wise Disk Cleaner Then open this folder %appdata%\Wise Disk Cleaner, send wdclog.txt to us. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for your feedback. Don't worry, we will check and fix it soon.
  8. Please open a folder, type this path %appdata%, find and remove this folder Wise Disk Cleaner. Then try to scan Firefox cache again. Thanks.
  9. Please download Custom.ini and paste it to Wise Disk Cleaner installation folder When you run Wise Disk Cleaner, you will see the additional test entry. UserCustom.zip
  10. Understood. Please send scaning reports to us, we will try to check the difference between Wise Disk Cleaner and CCleaner. (Please only scan Firefox!)
  11. Thanks for your sample products. I will send it to developer team. Maybe they can improve Wise registry cleaner
  12. Thanks xilolee. Hi Wesley909, thanks for you feedback. We did many tests in 6 computers, there were only small differences between Wise Disk Cleaner and CCleaner. Can I remote to your PC to check it? Thanks.
  13. Thanks for your feedback. Yes, for security reason Wise Registry Cleaner doesn't detect HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\UserData\ but Wise Registry Cleaner detect HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\Folders which is safer than above registry key.
  14. I see, thanks for your feedback. we will check and fix it soon. But, in my computer, the Fan speed is correct. Which version do you use?
  15. How do you know system monitor constantly accesses the disk? Can you give me a screenshot of it?
  16. Sorry for the delay. Wise System Monitor can detect 4 devices temperature, CPU, Graphic Card, Disk, Mainboard, and you can find details on floating tab. And, the floating tab also display netword download speed / upload speed, when you connect to internet, you or system will download / upload data, the total speed includs local LAN transfer speed.
  17. Thanks for your feedback. Well, we know this bug for a long time, but didn't find a solution. Currently, "Shred file/folder" in context menu is only valid for files
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