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all rollback buttons are greyed out.

I have tried update driver-buttons, and 1 port USD 2.0 started working for memory sticks and external hard disk, and charging the phone, but not for the mouse.

My two 3.0 ports are not yet working, when trying to update, the message is: you already have the best driver.

Restarting made no difference...

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Hi knurk,


FYI, Drivemax has corrupted many devices so please stop using it to prevent further issues. Did you try using the rollback feature provided with Drivemax? If so, and it did not work, try running the scf /scannow command per these instructions to see if it can fix that corruption or (at least) identify the corrupted files/drivers:




Once done, you may be able to recover a stable driver/file from your Win 7 installation DVD (as described in the above procedure).


Other options:

Use a system restore point (if available)

Do a repair install: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/3413-repair-install.html

Do an OEM recovery (if applicable)


Good luck,



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