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Windows update will not load

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having an issue trying load windows updates, tried using Services - Background ITS = Delayed start, Windows update = stop, c:\Windows\softwareDisttibution\Datastore & Dowwnload = removed all, Windows update = start, NO HELP


Windows update increasing - seems these will download then give a red banner Windows update failed. 


When on a shutdown this tries to load. Fails 


WIN 7 X64

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Window updates fail to download and install this problem was found with window vista and xp but now a day’s people having same problem with window 7 and window 8.


So to avoid this problem clean up your temp files, cookies, cache. After reboot your system and try again. You can also use disk cleanup utility to optimize or clean up your pc.


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Make sure your using Genuine Versions of Windows otherwise Microsoft has prior updates to detect non-genuine versions and they will not be updated! Also if you have Genuine version you need to manually down load them and install them yourself and see if they will update your system. 

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