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CPU temp display gone?


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I have recently updated to the latest version of wise care 365 and have noticed that the extremely useful CPU temp display has been replaced with a rather useless CPU usage monitor. I have also noticed that the CPU temp display in the system monitor tab has gone too.


Is there any way to bring the temp display back?


An option to switch between the two would be nice.

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Thank you for your feedback.


Unfortunately, this feature will be disappear for a long time. We noticed this feature was not perfect, it has some bugs, but we cannot fix these bugs in a short time.

So we decided to remove this feature from Wise Care 365.

When we fix it, you will see it in a new free tool of wisecleaner.

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Well, at least it will return eventually!


What sort of bugs did it have? I didn't see anything wrong with it!


Instead of a new program, may I suggest returning it to wise care 365 when it is fixed and adding it in as part of a customizable on screen display?

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