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Problem with "Wise Tools" section


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The first my question is:

I download the latest free version of Wise Care 365. I have problem with "Wise Tools" section. Active and correctly works is Wise Memory Optimizer only. All remaining applications eg. Wise Data Recovery or Wise Auto Shutdown are not active and do not work. Why? Could you help me, please?


And the cecond question... I chose Polish language version interface but "Wise Tools" section is not translated into Polish language. All messages and icons name of application they are in English language only. Is it possibility to translate them and as to do this? Thank you very much!


Best regards,


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1, All Wise Tools are not bundled in Wise Care 365 except Wise memory optimizer, if wise care 365 bundle all tools, its installer will be very bigger.

    So, you need to download and install wise tools.

2, Wise Tools' name cannot be translate to other language, but wise tools programs support multi-languages.

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