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Still Get Renew Nag Screen After Renewing


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I had 29 days left of my pro subscription & then got the bright orange renew screen to inform me my subscription was due to expire – So I paid the renewal fee & received a serial key via email (which was the same code as the previous year) As there is no way to add a key to a 365 that's already activated the nag screen still comes up telling me to renew despite the fact I’ve paid & got the email from Wise thanking me. What do I do?

While on the subject I am less than pleased that 11 months into my subscription each & every time I start 365 I got the screen prompting me to renew on all three PC’s - While I appreciate this is needed clicking on ‘remind me later’ does nothing as each & every time 365 is started you get the reminder nag screen: This really, really isn't on! A reminder once a week would be OK but not every time for the last 30 days of a paid subscription – All this does it annoy the customer greatly.



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