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Running out of resourses error message


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Why would I get this message when running WDC. The HD Is 76Gig and fragmentation is really scattered. I Tried to defrag. Then restart, and proform the optimazation (full). then at about 75% completed and 3 hrs. later, I start getting the many error message of running out of resourses. After closing 20 to 30 messages I was able to stop process.

So what gives????

Does this refer to ram?




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Hi Techup,




If the error message suggested that its running out of resourses, 

it might be that you were running two many applications at the same time. 


So please try shut down some unnecessary applications next time 

when you are processing the disk defragment. Thanks.




Meanwhile, if the problem occurs again, would you please provide some screenshot pics for us to further analyze and help? 



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